20 women trained to preserve the heritage of their community in Freirina.

This initiative, organized by Kalam together with the Regional Directorate of Architecture of the Ministry of Public Works in Chile, has enabled the training of 20 women in patrimonial restoration techniques in Freirina.

The main objective has been to promote local development while also sensitizing the local population to the historical, cultural and architectural heritage of the area. One way to promote it is to train the local inhabitants to ensure the proper maintenance and conservation of the community’s buildings with heritage value.

Kalam’s professionals in Freirina are working to restore the Church of Santa Rosa de Lima and the Los Portales building.  They taught a course on various theoretical and practical techniques, from chromatic reintegration to the restoration of wood pieces.

This activity is part of the training framework promoted by Kalam to preserve traditional knowledge and intervention techniques, a vital element in the recovery and conservation of historic buildings. This philosophy is shares with the Ministry, which also underlines the empowerment of the community to provide continuity and monitor these projects, ensuring their future conservation and maintenance.

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