Compromiso de KALAM con el gobierno y la nación americana para

Act of commitment signing by KALAM with the government and the American nation for the for …

KALAM has recently signed in the Pledge to America’s Workers Initiative of interest, being chosen among other seven Spanish companies of the highest level by de U. S. Department of Commerce. U.S. Ambassador to Spain, Duke Buchan III has once again led a delegation of Spanish business leaders to the 2019 Select USA Investment Summit held on June 10-12, which was attended by our CEO in the USA, Francisco Ipiña, representing KALAM.

At this event, Ivanka Trump and U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, celebrated the investments that foreign multinationals are making by highlighting the new pledges undertaken. Kalam has accepted the opportunity given to us by the US Embassy in Madrid to participate in this initiative of the USA Government that looks for the commitment of foreign companies to their American workers and their communities by investing in their education and training.

Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump and Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross pose with the international delegations that attended the summit.

This is a great opportunity to emphasize our commitment to the USA workers, market and government. To achieve this, we plan to bring our most qualified master craftsmen and technicians that through work and practice will transmit their knowledge to American workers over the next 5 years. These initial employees in training will increase as our U.S operations grow. At the same time, as an international company, Kalam will create international exchange programs that will allow our USA crew to work abroad, mainly in Spain and Chile, for a broader training.

This is a path that we have already walked in other countries, aside from Spain, such as Chile, where we have more than 450 employees today and strong links with the Catholic University in Santiago de Chile and our own crafts workshops. It is our commitment to create a team of 100% American workers. It is in KALAM’s DNA to promote the culture and heritage and we intend to create our own school of crafts to provide continuous training to our people. We invite students, recent graduates and junior craftsmen to actively participate in this program and make it their own. We are committed to make Kalam Corporation the perfect environment for personal and professional growth.

The Spanish delegation with the U.S. Ambassador in Spain Duke Buchan III.

For a company like us, focused on the rehabilitation and preservation of landmarked buildings and monuments, part dedicated to construction but part dedicated to the fine arts world, it’s crucial to be able to transmit knowledge and practice to our American team, making it highly experienced, if we want to be successful in the future. It is our goal to be able to bring to the U.S. our most qualified master craftsmen in order to make this happen, but always keeping in mind that a U.S. team might emerge and grow from the start.