PRESENTATION OF THE BOOK, “Una Empresa Memorable de España hacia América”

On Monday, February 22, the book, “Una empresa memorable de España hacia América”. The edition by Angulo Íñiguez, Marco Dorta and Buschiazzo on American Art (1945-1956) was presented with the participation of Fernando Vela, from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), Wifredo Rincón, from the Spanish Centre for Scientific Research (CSIC), Ramón Gutiérrez, from the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research in Argentina (CONICET) and the Latin American Architecture Documentation Centre (CEDODAL), Berta Garcia, from the Real Marco, the National Historical Archive, and Ramón Mayo, President of Kalam.

The book was edited by Kalam as part of its work spreading information on Heritage works of interest in society.  Several authors have participated, paying tribute and analysing the repercussions of the work of Diego Angulo Íñiguez, Enrique Marco Dorta and Mario J. Buschiazzo, “Historia del Arte Hispanoamericano” (History of Spanish American Art) (Salvat, 1945-1956), on the 70th anniversary of its first edition.  The publication has been coordinated by Ramón Gutiérrez, Wifredo Rincón and Fernando Vela and includes articles by Concepción García, Fernando Vela, Ameia López-Yarto, Berta García, Graciela M. Viñuales, Wifredo Rincón and María Paz Aguiló, Maria A. Fernández, Patricia Méndez, josé de Nordenflycht, Cristina Esteras, Joaquín Ibáñez and Ramón Gutierrez.  It also has three annexes, a bibliographic review and books on Spanish American Art by Erwin Walter and Emilio Harth, and a photographic catalog compiled by Angulo Íñiguez, marco Dorta and Buschiazzo on their travel and work, coming from the archives of the Tomás Navarro Tomás Library of the CSIC and the CEDODAL.

The book includes research articles for publication edited by Kalam in 2015: Studies of Colonial Spanish American architecture, facsimile edition of the work of Mario Buschiazzo.  This thematic line, on Spanish American architecture, will be continued in the new edition being prepared at the moment on the Chilean palaces that will see light at the end of 2016.

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Link to the full video of the book presentation