Within the framework of the past FITUR 2020 in IFEMA, the UNWTO has held the 50th meeting of the Board of Directors of Affiliate Members, of which KALAM is part in the present mandate.

The main objective of the Department of Affiliate Members of the World Tourism Organization is to promote synergies between UN Member States and the more than 500 companies, teaching and research institutions and NGOs affiliated to it, creating a space for dialogue, the establishment of new strategies and learning through shared experiences and information. The knowledge shared among its members also contributes to connect groups and networks with common goals, creating innovative products and promoting the United Nations Agenda 2030.

On this occasion, a Meeting of Experts on Tourism and Sustainable Development Objectives, ODS, has also been convened to showcase the progress made by the working group of Affiliate Members in achieving these objectives, with the intention of creating a specialized platform in which to share experiences and knowledge about tourism and of the Agenda 2030.

Through the case studies shown, concrete examples of initiatives, actions and strategies proposed by the members of this working group were presented, in order to recognize the importance of implementing the ODS in tourism activities. Knowledge was shared and exchanged on practical cases implemented by the panelists, possible work areas and projects were identified, as well as the formulation of recommendations from the scope of this global institution. An interesting presentation space that brought together actors from the academic, business, institutional or civil society representation fields showing a range of proposals and actions already underway, from different perspectives and areas, with which to support the achievement of these important objectives. Some of the presentations and recommendations can be consulted in English on the conference website.

The preservation of cultural heritage plays a strategic role in aspects that cut across the 17 ODS, which revolve around three fundamental fields: economy, society and environment. KALAM works continuously to align its actions with the objectives of Agenda 2030, contributing its experience in the field of heritage restoration and rehabilitation to the sharing of strategies in the field of world tourism in the various areas of interest of the UNWTO.

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Incorporation of KALAM in the Board of Directors of UNWTO Affiliate Members

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