IPCE’s recommendations on disinfection procedures for cultural property during the C …

In the week in which we celebrate the International Day for Monuments and Sites 2020 with the hashtag #SharedHeritage, the General Directorate of Fine Arts launches an Alert for the National and International Authorities and Agencies responsible for the protection of Cultural Heritage to certain practices related to the fight against COVID-19. This communication calls for reflection on the possible impact that the disinfection practices established in the emergency measures against COVID-19 may have on our heritage.

In addition, an appendix from the IPCE’s Research and Training Area on “Recommendations on disinfection procedures in cultural assets as a result of the COVID 19 crisis” has been published to accompany this communication, which KALAM and its specialized staff wish to join, complementing the safety and healthcare measures adopted by our technicians in the sites in which we are working with the respect and correct treatment of the materials that constitute them.

Among the procedures to be followed in the cultural assets collected by the IPCE, we highlight the recommendation to avoid direct spraying of disinfectants on the properties in public spaces, suggesting the use of 70% ethanol solutions at low pressure in their direct environment, and advising the physical perimeter of the assets with protective fencing. It also advises against direct intervention on movable assets which, in most cases, is located in areas of public use that are currently closed, so contact with them and their handling is practically non-existent.

Finally, it is also important to know the composition of the products to be used and their compatibility with the materials that constitute the good, indicating that, when in doubt about the appropriateness of a product, it is advisable to avoid acting until a specific consultation with experts has been made.

Similarly, at the international level other institutions such as ICCROM, ICOMOS, UNESCO or WMF have established various criteria and approaches on how to address this global crisis as it affects cultural heritage.

In KALAM, today more than ever, with renewed enthusiasm, we continue to preserve our heritage wherever it may be.

Check the link to the full document of IPCE’s guidelines (ESP)