Parque Isidora Cousiño


The company continues its intense rhythm with its work in Chile, both inside and outside large cities such as Santiago or Viña del Mar.

The rehabilitation work of the María Elena Metro Theatre is currently underway in the Antofagasta Region. This building was designed by the engineers and architects of the Metro Goldwyn Meyer and constructed in 1948 by the Salitrera Anglo Lautano Company. Declared a National Monument in 1999, after the earthquake of 2007, it had to be closed before the risk of collapse of the semi-circular roof. The main room has the capacity for 488 spectators and a completely renovated infrastructure to be enjoyed by the inhabitants of the only saltpetre city in the world still operating.

In the city of Freirina, the Church of Santa Rosa de Lima and the Los Portales buildings are being restored, both declared National Monuments in 1980. They are on the north and west flanks of the Plaza de Armas in Freirina and are very representative of the history of the city and the country.

In Valparaiso, the repair and reinforcements of the roof of the National Maritime Museum, officially named the Almirante Luis Uribe Orrego building, inaugurated in 1893 and declared a National Monument in 2012.

In the city of Lota, as part of the Bio-Bio region, KALAM has restored the plant conservatory and the weather station located in the Isadora Cousiño Park. This park, the only French-style park on the coast, was declared a National heritage site in 2009. Both buildings have suffered significant damage from the earthquake of 2010 and needed a comprehensive intervention. KALAM experts and craftsmen have guaranteed that the intervention criteria have been in accordance with the characteristics of both properties, highlighting the original architectural values as well as improving the construction techniques.