Kalam is actively involved in the Traditional Architecture Summer School organized by INTB …

This summer, Kalam took part in the Traditional Architecture Summer School in Marvão, Portugal. For two weeks, different activities were carried out to revalue and analyse the importance of maintaining traditional architecture and conserving heritage in new architectural trends.

Traditional local urbanism, architecture and construction details were studied to create a new preservation and traditional construction manual for the area. Hand drawing and measuring buildings was the main activity every day.  Experts in the local vernacular, architecture and traditional construction techniques gave lectures on various related topics.  Trips were organized around the region, also visiting some workshops and construction sites.

Our company, as a faithful defender of this type of work, was an active participant in this summer school. Two of our most experienced professionals, specialized in different restoration techniques, Manuel Montañés and Fernando Aranda, gave lectures and demonstrations of their work.  The exhibitions were very well received among those attending the school and, especially during the graffiti workshop, participants were excited to get hands-on experience with the traditional techniques of this artisanal work.

We are proud to spread the word about our vocation for the art and craft of our work, and are excited to see that it is still well received among some of the best educated young people in our society.

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