energy efficiency

Kalam has extensive experience in housing interventions with the criteria of improving energy efficiency. We have installed more than 300,000,000 sf of SATE, an exterior insulation and finish system, a technical solution that together with improvement of roofing, terraces, window frames, paving or basements, contributes to the optimization of the thermal behaviour of the building envelope. These measures will increase the comfort of the tenants, increase the building’s value and decrease the energy consumption required for heating and cooling the interior spaces.

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social responsibility

In Kalam we feel Social Responsibility is an important part of our job. Since the establishment of the company, we have dedicated some of the fruits of our efforts to social and cultural interests as specified in our statutes. We feel that the fulfillment of our direct responsibilities in our sector, does not exempt from other commitments.

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special editions

In Kalam we feel fortunate that our activities are focused in the field of art and cultural heritage, where we have accumulated valuable experience in restoring buildings and monuments with great architectural value and artistic content.

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Ekaba (Kalam Space For Fine Arts), responds to our social and cultural involvement with the arts and sponsorship. This interest has been channeled since 2007 through ekaba, an idea that matured over time, allowing us to share a cultural space with close professionals and art lovers.

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KALAM, within the framework of the ICEX Next Program, has received support from ICEX and co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company.

European Regional Development Fund

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