National Library, Santiago, Chile


In this first phase, the work has been focused on the skylights that allow the passage of light to the main halls of the library, including the dome crowning the main facade and illuminating the Bicentennial Hall. The intervention was necessary to guarantee the water tightness of the building, which presented abundant leaks due to aging and degradation of the metal structures, together with deficiencies in the glazing sealants, subjected to constant thermal stresses. In the work on roofs, the specific weather conditions of the location have forced us to increase the security measures, both on the exterior and the interior, while maintaining the normal activity of the building. During the restoration work, we have rectified original structural defects and we have applied polyurethane anti-corrosion coatings, we have installed new wired solar coated glass (blocking infrared and ultraviolet) with silicone structural sealant.