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Restauración de la Catedral de Cádiz, España

Cathedral of Cadiz, Spain

Complete restoration of the lower sacristy, for the Culture Ministry. The tasks included cleaning, salt extraction, and replacement of missing portions, with extensive stonemasonry work using lime mortars, from the dome lantern to all of the walls and floors. The masonry was then restored and

Restauración de la sillería de la Catedral de Plasencia, España

Plasencia Cathedral, Spain

Our team of specialists restored the cathedral choirstalls built by the master carpenter Rodrigo Alemán in the 15th and 16th centuries. The Flamboyant Gothic walnut stalls have an extraordinary decorative wealth of carvings and inlays and numerous reliefs of great iconographic richness. The choirstall parts

Catedral Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, Spain

The 16th-century Mondragón Chapel has a near-rectangular floor plan with a sacristy on one side giving access to a spiral staircase leading up to a gallery. The chapel’s most striking and original feature is its altarpiece. Unlike typical wooden or, less commonly, stone altarpieces, this

Catedral de Cuenca

Cuenca Cathedral, Spain

This cathedral, consecrated by Saint Julian, second bishop of Cuenca, was built over the town’s former Arab mosque. On a Latin cross plan with a nave and aisles, a double ambulatory, and a deep chancel, it is regarded as the earliest Gothic cathedral in Castile.

Catedral de Almería

Almeria Cathedral, Spain

This cathedral, episcopal see of the diocese of Almería, is a magnificent example of the transition from late Gothic to Renaissance in 16th-century Spain. Also known as the Cathedral of the Incarnation, it was built from 1522 after the fateful earthquake that devastated Almeria, under

Catedral Primada de América, Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo Cathedral, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Refurbishment of the facades and roofs of the Cathedral of Santa María la Menor in the historic center of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, by our team of restorers. The work involved cleaning of wall surfaces, renewal of missing jointing in ashlar masonry with lime mortars,

Madres Carmelitas, Loeches, España 01

Monasterio de las Madres Carmelitas, Spain

This 17th-century convent, also known as Monastery of Saint Ignatius Martyr, has a Baroque church with its nave spanned by a barrel vault and its transept crowned by a dome, whose pendentives contain images of Saint John of the Cross, Saint Elias, and another Carmelite

Restauración del Monasterio de San José en Guadalajara, España

San José Monastery, Guadalajara, Spain

The Carmelite convent of San José is a typical 18th-century structure, designed by Fray Alberto de la Madre de Dios and erected by the Madrileño master builders Francisco del Campo and Jerónimo Buega. The convent had major foundation faults causing it to subside toward the

Colegiata de Torrijos , España 01

Collegiate Church of Torrijos, Spain

This Collegiate Church of the Blessed Sacrament is one of the most significant churches of its kind in Castilla-La Mancha – an imposing Gothic edifice with Early Renaissance details. KALAM restored this early 16th-century church over three phases, starting in 1998 with cleaning, consolidation, and

Restauración del Seminario Mayor en Comillas, España

Major Seminary in Comillas, Spain

It is a privilege for us to have worked holistically to restore the fine interiors in the most significant Catalan Art Nouveau creation outside Catalonia, a monumental ensemble masterfully decorated by a team of the best artists on the Catalan scene accompanying the great architect