Plaza de Isabel II, Madrid, Spain

  We undertook the tasks for this centenarian property in Madrid´s historical center, located opposite the Royal Theatre, solving for current flaws along façades, roof and courtyards. For the façade, we carried out a deep cleaning process with controlled high pressure water, recovery of bush hammered

Plaza de Oriente 6, Madrid, Spain

  Refurbishment of main façades of this property located in Madrid´s historical center. The state of conservation of the upper cornice implied a big risk for pedestrians. For this reason, the specialists in Kalam replicated the original shape through templates and molds. Likewise, the team also

Marqués del Duero 8, Madrid, Spain

  Kalam performed the full facade restoration of this building. The intervention consisted of cleaning, chipping and re-applying traditional lime stucco respecting the original design, with both bush hammer and smooth finishes, maintaining the existing joints. The various moldings of the facades were reproduced in our

Paseo de Recoletos 21, Madrid, Spain

  Kalam completed the restoration of this facade, which included reintegrating the casts manufactured in our workshop, chipping and reapplying stuccos, replicating plaster profiles by means of metal templates, replacing zinc copings on water tables, replacing wood shutters and sandblasting granite on the base. The envelope

Telefónica Headquarters, Bilbao, Spain

  We recovered the façades of the Telefónica headquarters in the North of Spain, based on the study carried out by the Department of Project Support during the Project phase. Reinforcements were reinstated with stainless steel rod seams, brass wire and specific restoration mortars, renewing the

Palace of the Senate, Madrid, Spain

  Restoration of the north facade of the Palace of the Senate. In this intervention, all facade components were completely removed, to replace all downspouts. Precast elements were, depending on their condition, either replaced by custom made molds, made in our specialized workshops; or repaired through

Senior School of Dance, Madrid, Spain

  The facades of this iconic building at 2 Ribera de Curtidores, of exposed brick combined with natural stone and faux stone mortars in the window surrounds, cornices and decorative elements, were restored. All facades were cleaned, combining different techniques (air and water pressure cleaning) depending

Residential College César Carlos, Madrid, Spain

    With the characteristic ceramic cladding of this residence of the University City of Madrid, Alejandro de la Sota seeks, with a chromatic combination, to make the building fit in with its surroundings. Kalam intervened, combining the necessary upgrades with the proper conservation of this building,

Paseo de la Castellana 4, Madrid, Spain

    Kalam restored the facades of this emblematic building, original IBM headquarters in Madrid, the work of architect Miguel Fisac. Its precast concrete envelope elements showed a high degree of carbonatation and the risk of large pieces detaching. More than 16,000 sf of floor slab bracings

Ministry of Finance, Madrid, Spain

    Restoration of the facade of Aduana Street and the main balcony of Alcalá Street, part of the headquarters of the Ministry of the Treasury and Public Function. The intervention consisted of air-pressure cleaning, replacement of granite ashlar blocks, posts, windows, balustrades and ornaments; stone slab

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