Rafael Manzano Award for New Traditional Architecture 2018

Through its EKABA foundation, Kalam is collaborating with the annual presentation of the Rafael Manzano International Awards for New Traditional Architecture.

Kalam would express our pride in participating in this award that provides a huge motivation for architects who choose this branch of the profession which is so complex and which requires the highest expertise and accumulated experience to obtain results at this level of excellence.

This year, the award was given to the architect Juan de Dios de la Hoz for his mastery of the traditional and historical forms and techniques demonstrated in his numerous projects in historical heritage.  Highlights of his work includes those made to rebuild the main monuments of the city of Lorca after the earthquake of 2011, the churches of San Patricio, San Jose, San Mateo, Santiago, Nuestra Señora del Carmen and the Convent of San Francisco, which were returned to the city thanks to the great work of Juan de Dios de la Hoz and his team from Lávila Arquitectos.


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