KALAM’s restoration team is carrying out the conservation and restoration work on the choir seating in the Cathedral of Plasencia.  The spectacular furniture was built during several phases during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and were completed in 1505. Work of the masters, Rodrigo Alemán and Bartolomé, among others, with an extraordinary decorative richness, both in the reliefs and the inlay work on the backs, including the noteworthy portraits of the Catholic Kings.

The seating of the Cathedral of Plasencia is one of the most outstanding examples of this type of artistic work made during the last Gothic Art period.  The restoration work was based on the study and analysis of the state of conservation and considered fundamental aspects when proposing the methodology for the work, such as being careful to not affect the safety and stability of the structure (structural treatment) and the work related to the finishing of the material surface (surface treatment).

The proper methods of work on these delicate pieces of our heritage require, in addition to the suitable resources and experience, professionals and criteria that ensure quality work.  Our team of restorers use defined work methods, using the processes and phases necessary to add value to this singular element of the Cathedral.  The images shown illustrate part of the process that is taking place.

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