Structural Rehabilitation

Structural rehabilitation is vital to conserving a building in an appropriately safe and stable condition. It may be made necessary by damage or deterioration in structural elements, foundations, or soil, or the need may arise within larger projects involving changes of use, modified loads or spaces, etc.

Working on existing buildings requires specialist knowledge. It is vital to have practitioners with proven experience in such tasks, in the circumstances that may be encountered, and in the options for tackling them.

Experts in Structural Rehabilitation

We have a portfolio of structural rehabilitation references with woodwork, metalwork, concrete, etc., as well as soil compaction or foundation reinforcement.

Our expert staff in these fields advise our clients and their technical teams, assisting them in the rehabilitation process and identifying the best solutions and technical alternatives. Our workforce includes specialist carpenters for refurbishing timber structures, making reinforcements, inlays, substitute pieces, etc., experts in repairing concrete structures, in metal fittings, etc. so as to be able to provide every possible solution according to the issues encountered, the project requirements, and the building characteristics, including specialist soil and foundation reinforcement work.

Through our departments such as Project Support or Health & Safety, we support our clients and their technical teams, offering specialist advice. Moreover, many of these projects require additional measures which our organizational structure and in-house staff can cater for, resulting in better timeline and quality control, from all-inclusive rehabilitation to work on interiors, facades, or roofs, or energy efficiency upgrades.

Examples of Structural Rehabilitation

Among other projects, our specialist services have been called upon to work at iconic historic buildings such as Seville Cathedral or the Casa del Labrador at the Palace of Aranjuez, in successive phases, for the reinforcement and repair of soil and foundations. Such work requires the highest standards in the case of unique historic structures, with artworks and heritage assets inside.

Structural Rehabilitation References

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