Our President, Ramón Mayo, took part in the Hispania Nostra comission that was held on the Island of La Palma from December 15 to 17.  The purpose of this meeting was to bring together representatives from the main public institutions and those entities whose work is directly related to the management and conservation of heritage. This is part of the 2018 celebration of the European Year of Cultural Heritage and helps provide information about programs in European Union Countries and in Spain to commemorate this event.  We want to promote the commitment of public and private corporations in valuing Spanish Cultural Heritage as well as the experience of our professionals, promoting private participation and continuing with these collaborations beyond the end of 2018.

Kalam is an active participant in supporting the work to enhance public-private cooperation and reinforce the involvement of society when it comes to understanding and promoting Cultural Heritage as a social and economic resource, which helps to shape a new collective model, forged in our continent’s shared history.

Our company has 30 years of experience with our team of highly qualified professionals, who have contributed to the common commitment to preserve our heritage through the implementation – in their different disciplines  – of restoration work awarded by professionals and managers of our architectural heritage.  It is a great point of pride for us to take part in activities such as this, where the purpose is to actively contribute to the celebration of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, helping to enhance its success and make it possible, as part of the Hispania Nostra association, to “push Europe further through Culture and Heritage”.

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