The consolidation work of the west face of the Giralda Tower in the Cathedral of Seville b …

At the beginning of July, work began on the consolidation of the west face of the Giralda Tower in Seville.  Earlier work revealed degradation in the edges of the cornices and balconies, as well as the poor conservation of the columns and some spires and the general deterioration of the Sebka, a decorative motif that collects dust in the horizontal protrusions. It has been necessary to undertake the work of consolidating all the Sebka panels in the Giralda tower, beginning with the west face, which is the one facing the patio of orange trees, as it is less exposed and would interfere less with the liturgical celebrations.

Kalam has already worked on two prior interventions on the S.M.P. Cathedral in Seville. In a first phase, Kalam worked on the reinforcement and consolidation of the land on the North and East wings of the Colombian Capitular Library, and in the second phase, recently completed, new interior spaces were created for exhibition halls, reinforcing the domes and uncovering the Almohades arches that were hidden in the upper rooms of the sacristy and the tabernacle offices.

Kalam’s team of specialists and restorers ensures that the work of cleaning, consolidation and protection of this icon is carried out in accordance with the appropriate intervention and conservation criteria. Also, to guarantee perfect work, from day one of the work, Kalam has constituted a “Committee of Giralda Experts” to monitor the tower restoration work on the various elements: ceramic brick, cladding, glazed ceramics, stone and metal elements, etc.

The Giralda of Seville is one of the most representative monuments of the city and it is estimated that its west side will be covered with scaffolding for about six months in order to make it shine with all its splendour at the beginning of next year.

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