Rehabilitación integral de edificios de patrimonio histórico

Contemporary design and character of a historic building in the centre of Madrid

(Ces informations sont publiées en espagnol et en anglais) Among the services offered by KALAM, it is worth noting our comprehensive rehabilitation of buildings. We are referring to interventions in which our professionals cover simultaneously diverse trades and a wide scope to return a former use or allow a new one in the best conditions of safety, livability and functionality. Usually, these works include structural reinforcements or consolidations; improvement or updates to the building envelope; solving pathologies or improving the energy efficiency of roofs, facades and the building’s connection to the ground; restoration of singular elements recovering its ornamentation and original features in historical facades or relevant spaces such as lobbies, staircases or communal areas; updating and adapting to current code regulations, including new interior distributions and finishes or adaptations in terms of accessibility among other works.