Enrique Nuere y la Carpintería de Lazo

Enrique nuere and strapwork carpentry

(Ces informations sont publiées en espagnol et en anglais)  We look arround the Strapwork Carpentry through Enrique Nuere’s glance

Enrique Nuere Matauco, who joined the KALAM team as senior advisor in September 2021, tells us about his experience with strapwork carpentry in two volumes, “The Carpentry that Interlaced  with My Life” and “From Castilla to the New World.” 

Nuere, Architect from the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (1962) and PhD Architect from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (1967), is also the author of other works, such as Los cartabones como instrumento exclusivo para el trazado de lacerías (Madrider Mitteilungen, 23. Mainz,  VerlagPhilippvonZabern, 1982); La carpintería de lo blanco, lectura dibujada del primer manuscrito de Diego López de Arenas (Ministerio de Cultura, 1985); La carpintería de lazo. Lectura dibujada del manuscrito de fray Andrés de San Miguel (Colegio de Arquitectos de Málaga, 1990); La carpintería de armar española (Instituto Español de arquitectura. MRP, University of Alcalá, 2003); and Nuevo tratado de la Carpintería de lo Blanco y la verdadera historia de Enrique Garavato carpintero de lo blanco y maestro del oficio (Munilla Lería, 2001).

At the end of November 2020 The Carpentry that Interlaced with My Life was published, where Nuere takes us into the world of carpentry in what was once the Kingdom of Castile, explaining how he discovered this discipline, found as a result of his studies of the manuscript on carpentry of Lopez de Arenas, and his work on multiple projects related to it.  The narrative offers us a first-person view of the origins of this building tradition. The starting point is placed on the question that the author is asking himself, “Is strapwork carpentry really Mudejar?” a question that is the base of the development of his explanations about its origins and evolution.


The book features illustrations and photographs, many of them taken by Nuere himself during the course of his work – rich details that gradually reveal his discoveries about strapwork carpentry. The drawings take us into the hidden frameworks of the constructions, parts where the photographic lens cannot reach. 

In From Castilla to the New World, published in November 2021, Nuere continues with the detailed study of this construction tradition, from the neighboring kingdoms of Aragón and Portugal to the New World, passing through Morocco and the Spanish territory of the Canary Islands.

The two volumes have been published by KALAM, as part of its collection on Iberoamerican Heritage, which supports and disseminates knowledge about our cultural heritage and  traditional crafts. 

We invite you to download the two volumes and enjoy a great read, delving into the craft of carpentry.  

The Carpentry That Interlaced With My Life

From Castilla to the New World