Rehabilitación de las fachadas Colegio Mayor César Carlos Madrid

KALAM worked on a modern jewel to improve energy efficiency

(Ces informations sont publiées en espagnol et en anglais) The work of updating the buildings that represent our past to contemporary standards always presents complexities that need to be addressed with experience, knowledge and appropriate work. One of our newer heritage works, despite being from the twentieth century, is no exception.  Rather, on the contrary, it is one of the most fragile because of its recent valuation and conceptualization as such and because, in many cases, the innovative character of the materials or techniques with which they were constructed have made it difficult to endure over time.

Among the significant buildings of the 1960s that were planned in the Madrid University city, the student residency complex, designed by the architect Alejandro de la Sota, stands out.  With this building, he tried to merge art and nature in the surroundings of its buildings, starting with a chromatic combination that manages to mimic the building with the environment.

Kalam worked on the enclosures of the school to improve its thermal capacities.  To provide the necessary updates while also properly conserving this building representing our twentieth century heritage, it was necessary to act with sensitivity and the necessary criteria. An insulation injection system has been used in the current chambers to increase the efficiency of the enclosures while retaining their original forms.  It was necessary to replace the joints with the current profiles to match with the new innovations, but during their manufacture and design, the image and their original steel constructions were carefully considered. Finally, for the completion of the work with its characteristic ceramic coating, a detailed study of more than 30 shades tinted to the brightness of the matte was carried out with an artisan production and individual grinding treatments (more than 120,000 pieces).  This way, with the advice of the Alejandro de la Sota Foundation, Kalam has restored the original skin of the building while improving its energy performance and efficiency.

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Restoration of Contemporary Facades. Colegio Mayor Cesar Carlos