Facade Restoration

We have a track record of experience in facade restoration.

We offer know-how, logistics, and the right staff for carrying out such projects free of risk, complying with deadlines and warranties. We advise our clients and their technical staff from the early project stages, offering a solution tailored to each job’s needs.

Our technical team and traditional master craftspeople conserve and restore the finest ornate and historic facades. We also remedy deterioration in contemporary materials such as reinforced concrete or modern brickwork, or in stone, ceramic, seamless, or other cladding. Our practitioners specialized in energy efficiency upgrade building envelopes with external wall claddings, cavity or roof insulation, ventilated facades, joinery renovation, etc., so as to reduce a building’s energy use.

Overall we offer solutions with a holistic approach also including project viability through financing or processing of renovation grants.

We will assist you in your facade restoration.

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Facade Restoration News

  • Recuperación edificios históricos y eficiencia energética

    Recovery of historical buildings, energy efficiency and environment

    The recovery of historical buildings is a sustainable act by itself, in the repurposing of existing built heritage in cities, generating a minimum impact on their environment through the reuse of structures, materials and land. This also contributes significantly to the guidelines of the Agenda 2030,……

  • Restauración de las fachadas exteriores de la manzana del Banco de España en Madrid

    Restoration of the exterior facades of the Banco de España complex in Madrid

    The work on the façades of the Banco de España (Bank of Spain) in Madrid has recently been completed. This building was built during successive phases and an extension was later added, until the current structure and configuration were completed. The oldest elements of the……

  • Restauración de Fachadas Ornamentadas Embajada de España en La Habana, Cuba 06

    Completion of the work on the Spanish Embassy in Havana

    Last April, Kalam’s work on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation was received in the former Velasco Sarrá Palace in Havana, home of the Spanish Embassy in Cuba. This delivery concluded the work of restoring all the building’s enclosures, roofs and façades, both exterior……

  • Rehabilitación de las fachadas Colegio Mayor César Carlos Madrid

    KALAM worked on a modern jewel to improve energy efficiency

    The work of updating the buildings that represent our past to contemporary standards always presents complexities that need to be addressed with experience, knowledge and appropriate work. One of our newer heritage works, despite being from the twentieth century, is no exception. Rather, on the……