Heritage Restoration

Working on our unique cultural heritage assets requires an organization with qualified staff, knowledge, and experience as appropriate for conservation and restoration jobs. KALAM has the highest company rating in the field of restoration of historic and artistic heritage and ornamentation, as well as in all other subcategories of construction.

The great wealth of heritage in Europe has allowed us to acquire invaluable experience in projects on unique properties, including over 40 interventions on World Heritage buildings, ensembles, and landscapes. These references vouch for the company internationally, along with others from outside Spain – from Portugal, France, Switzerland, Chile, the United States, or the Caribbean.

Experts in Heritage Restoration

Since our firm’s inception we have sought to create, consolidate, and cultivate our own multidisciplinary workforce of highly specialized practitioners, along with restorers, history and fine arts graduates, traditional master craftspeople such as zinc workers, plasterers, gilders, carpenters, etc., allowing us to undertake restoration work with the necessary skill and rigor.

We have worked extensively in the public sector and also for private clients, as well as for the Church and for foundations responsible for exceptional heritage that needs to be suitably conserved. Many reputable clients have put their trust in our teams, on many occasions.

Europa Nostra Award

Here we would like to highlight two recognitions of our work which give us particular satisfaction, in the Europa Nostra / EU Heritage Awards: the first a special mention in 2016 in the Dedicated Service to Heritage category, and the second in 2018 in the Conservation category for the restoration the facade of the College of San Ildefonso at the University of Alcalá de Henares, in which the international jury highlighted our excellent work and the sensitive recovery of the historical patina on the stonework of this singular historic building.

Working on invaluable historic buildings over more than 35 years has allowed us to acquire a store of knowledge which we not only apply in our projects but have also shared through regular publications over more than 15 years, as well as in the scientific seminars and workshops which we take part in or sponsor, or in the research projects which we lead or contribute to.

It gives us satisfaction to contribute to the conservation of our cultural heritage and to the preservation of the traditional techniques and trades necessary for its maintenance.

Examples of Heritage Restoration

We have been fortunate enough to work on the conservation and restoration of many historic buildings and ensembles forming part of our cultural heritage, putting together our own highly specialized team committed to the preservation of traditional crafts and to our cultural inheritance.

Heritage Restoration References

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Heritage Restoration News

  • Restauracion de La Giralda de la Catedral de Sevilla

    Preservation of La Giralda

    This week the KALAM team is restarting restoration work on the north facade of the Giralda bell tower (and former minaret) in Seville, which had to be suspended due to the pandemic. We take the opportunity to share some pictures of the work that our……

  • Enrique Nuere y la Carpintería de Lazo

    Enrique nuere and strapwork carpentry

    We look arround the Strapwork Carpentry through Enrique Nuere’s glance Enrique Nuere Matauco, who joined the KALAM team as senior advisor in September 2021, tells us about his experience with strapwork carpentry in two volumes, “The Carpentry that Interlaced  with My Life” and “From Castilla to the New World.” ……

  • Restauración del mural Historia de Concepción

    Inside the restoration of “Historia de Concepción” mural

    Kalam’s team has put in practice the restoration of the mural “Historia de Concepción” made with fresco technique between 1943 and 1946 by the expert of Chilean muralism Gregorio de la Fuente and declared Historic Monument in 2009. Originally it decorated the lounge destined to the……

  • Restauración de la Iglesia del Sagrario de la Catedral de Sevilla

    Restoration work begins in the Sagrario church of the Cathedral of Seville

    The Cabildo of S.M.P. Cathedral Church of Seville has once again trusted in KALAM for a new intervention in the World Heritage ensemble. The restoration and underpinning of the Sagrario Church is an important work that is undertaken after four years of study on the……