Building Rehabilitation and Heritage Restoration

We put the experience and knowledge of our specialist staff at the service of rigorous work for the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage, complex historic building refurbishments, energy efficiency improvements, or comprehensive upgrades and renovations, contributing to our buildings’ sustainability, habitability, and functionality.

Una alta especialización sumada a la vocación y compromiso por la actividad que desarrollamos de manera exclusiva desde hace más de 35 años.

Experts in Rehabilitation and Restoration

We find tailored solutions with which to accompany our clients and their technical staff in every new challenge.

We channel our expertise by supporting the whole cycle from studies and tests to specialist execution, processing renovation grants, seeking finance, or advising on the various design and project phases.


Project Support

Our Project Support department offers exclusive technical assistance to the clients and professionals we work with.

Preliminary studies, sampling, auxiliary resources for diagnostics, rigorous technical and financial studies, and specialist support in the execution phase, always with a view to achieving the project goals.

A Journey Through our Heritage

We have been fortunate enough to take part in the restoration of hundreds of buildings in our historic town centers. A portfolio of references including over 40 interventions on World Heritage buildings, ensembles, and landscapes.

Our Multidisciplinary Team

Our firm has its own specialist team with extensive experience in building rehabilitation and restoration.

We have built up a multidisciplinary workforce embracing a range of specialist technical profiles for performing projects with restorers and traditional master craftspeople as required to carry out such complex work.

We know our business and offer a quality service that can be provided only by a unique, consolidated team.

Rehabilitation and Restoration. Project Divisions

Learn more about our specialist divisions, whose teams and resources function in a multidisciplinary way so as to meet the needs of each new job.

Building Rehabilitation

Heritage Restoration

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Facade Restoration

Energy Efficiency

Comprehensive Projects

We apply our expertise to the study, management, and execution of rehabilitation and restoration projects and energy efficiency upgrades, offering specialist advice at every stage: diagnostics, financial viability, technical solutions or alternatives, always seeking the best solution and a successful outcome.

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Notable Rehabilitation and Restoration Projects

Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain

Pereira Palace, Santiago, Chile

Bank of Spain, Madrid, Spain

C.M. San Ildefonso, Alcalá de Henares, Spain

Top News

  • La Giralda, Catedral de Sevilla

    La Giralda Hispania Nostra Award for Heritage Conservation

    The intervention in La Giralda in Seville has followed an innovative methodology that has led it to be awarded the Hispania Nostra Prize for the Conservation of Heritage as a factor in Economic and Social Development. The bell tower of the Cathedral of Seville is……

  • Splendor lapidis

    Inauguration of Splendor Lapidis, Restoration of the Sagrario Church

    The exhibition entitled “SPLENDOR LAPIDIS. Restoration work on the Sagrario (Tabernacle) Church of Seville Cathedral 2019 – 2023” was inaugurated in the Vanguardia Hall of the Cajasol Foundation, with the collaboration of the Metropolitan Cathedral Chapter of Seville, which has promoted the work. The set……

  • Olbrich Gardens Royal Thai Pavilion

    Olbrich Botanical Gardens Royal Thai Pavilion Roof Replacement project

    The KALAM US team is carrying out work to replace the roof of the Olbrich Botanical Gardens Royal Thai Pavilion in Madison, Wisconsin. The scaffolding that will allow the work to be done over the winter has now been installed. The first preparation, inspection and……

  • Rehabilitación Integral edificios en Atocha, Madrid

    Comprehensive rehabilitation of two historic buildings in the center of Madrid

    Our division of Comprehensive Rehabilitation of buildings is executing several interventions simultaneously in the center of Madrid. On this occasion, we share the on-going process of these important works promoted by Mazabi that our team is developing in two buildings located in the central Atocha street in……