Energy efficiency

We have our own division specialized in improving building energy efficiency. We have worked most notably in neighborhood rehabilitation for hundreds of housing associations, upgrading the efficiency of their properties with building envelope renovation along with other tasks for removal of architectural barriers, structural refurbishment, or upgrading of communal areas and facilities.

Energy Renovators

All this experience allows our firm now to support homeowners in these processes as an Energy Renovator (as defined in Royal Decree 853/2021), advising and assisting them at every stage of an energy efficiency upgrade.

We are experts in the management, processing, and procurement of renovation grants. These subsidies can amount to 100% of the cost for owners depending on the scheme concerned, and where appropriate can be topped up with finance.

Experts in Energy Efficiency

KALAM Group has a specialist division which will propose the most effective system for facade and roof insulation and joinery renovation with the most efficient models, deploying in-house staff and our over 35 years of experience while also catering for the particularities of your building.

We have installed over 600,000 m2 of building envelope upgrades with external wall insulation systems (EWIS) and ventilated facades. Our team will assess the condition of the wall facing with a view to repairing it and preparing it for the installation of insulation solutions.

These measures will enhance user comfort, increasing the building’s value and reducing energy use for residential climate control, resulting in lower energy bills and a return on investment.

Multidisciplinary Staff

Our multidisciplinary staff are able to work holistically, tailoring solutions to the needs of our clients and their technical teams. We support the whole process from the outset, assessing needs and processing grants and then carrying out the work and offering advice and technical alternatives.

Aware of our responsibility to reduce energy consumption worldwide, we take part in research projects both nationally and internationally.

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