Ventilated Facades

One possible technical solution to be considered for improving building energy efficiency is the fitting of a ventilated facade. This system also allows the look of a building to be revamped, along with other benefits for the facade such as extending its life, reducing maintenance requirements as compared to other systems, more efficient thermal and even acoustic behavior, or reducing moisture exchange and possible condensation between the interior and exterior by virtue of the ventilated cavity between the facing and the new facade.

The system works simply: contact between the cladding and the facing insulation is avoided, creating a ventilation gap allowing air to circulate between the two. With the chimney effect, the warm air inside is displaced upwards, reducing heat transfer to the interior.

Specialists in Energy Efficiency

In existing buildings it is important to have a specialist rehabilitation firm able to assess the condition of the wall facing, remedy any defects, and properly apply this technical solution.

At KALAM our special energy renovation division is experienced in fitting these systems, which also allow for a variety of finishes as regards materials and appearance. We have performed renovations with ceramic, stone, polymer concrete, composite, and other coverings that refresh a building’s look and enhance its value.

Savings and Processing of Energy Efficiency Grants

Thanks to this energy-saving system for buildings, residential energy demand is considerably reduced, making this a safe long-term investment.

At KALAM, as an Energy Renovator, we also have a team devoted to the all-inclusive management of energy efficiency projects. These professionals meet the needs arising throughout the cycle of the process, advising on technical solutions, studying your particular case, and managing applications for grants so as to get the utmost benefit from them.

Examples of Ventilated Facade Installation

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