EWIS Facades

We are experts in the installation of external wall insulation systems (EWIS) for improving the energy efficiency of building envelopes.

We have installed over 600,000 m2 of EWIS for hundreds of housing associations that have put their trust in KALAM’s specialist team.

Benefits of EWIS Installation

This system can be installed on facades externally, smoothly and with minimal interference with residential use. Our team’s experience allows us to install such systems even on curved geometries, or after previously remedying facing defects so as to ensure an appropriate fit and durability.

As well as improving facade behavior, this technical solution allows the look of a building to be renewed. The system can involve the use of various insulating materials, whether natural, such as cork or mineral wool, or synthetic, such as expanded polystyrene. The outside is finished with a protective layer and a rendering allowing for many design and material options, with seamless claddings, natural or mixed mortars, single colors or multicolor compositions, ceramic tiling, etc.

Energy Efficiency Grants

KALAM Group’s more than 35 years’ experience and a track record of hundreds of jobs completed since Spain’s early upgrade schemes in Integral Renovation Areas qualify us as Energy Renovators able to support your housing association throughout the renovation process.

Our specialist renovation grant management team will advise you and process and procure the grants available to your housing association, involving major savings with subsidies that can amount to 100% of the cost for owners depending on the scheme concerned, or where appropriate they can be topped up with finance.

Within a great range of options, we can advise you on finding the solution that best suits your needs in terms of cost, technical aspects, or sustainability, with special solutions, etc.

Examples of EWIS Installation

We have worked for hundreds of housing associations, renovating their facades for improved energy efficiency. See some examples below.

Energy Efficiency References

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