Ornate Facade Restoration

Our team is highly specialized in the restoration of ornate facades. We advise our clients as to their state, any deterioration detected, and the most suitable remedies, taking a holistic approach at every stage according to each project’s needs.

Specialists in Ornate Facades

We offer all the required profiles, from specialist practitioners to traditional master craftspeople such as plasterers, joiners, or zinc workers, as well as restorers specialized in stone, gilt, ceramics, brickwork, etc., offering controlled, high-quality workmanship to keep our fine historic facades in lastingly good condition.

We have our own architectural replica workshop for casting molds of recurrent or unique facade elements, preserving craft techniques and trades for the appropriate execution of such tasks with traditional master plasterers and renderers working with lime, marbling, sgraffiti, brickwork, zinc and other metal fittings, artistic ironwork, etc.

We will help with your facade restoration and conservation process.

Our multidisciplinary team can cater for any other needs arising during a project, such as structural reinforcement, flaws in other elements such as balcony fronts or decking, eaves or roofs, upgrading of communal areas, etc. Thus the same team of specialists can offer advice and perform work smoothly and without delay, using their expertise to support clients and their own technicians in achieving the best project outcome.

Examples of Facade Restoration

We have worked on exceptional buildings and with hundreds of housing associations in our historic town centers.

Facade Restoration References

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