Building Energy Efficiency Grants

The EU is well aware of the importance of upgrading existing buildings which, owing to faulty construction, inappropriate techniques and materials, shortcomings in insulation, etc. behave inefficiently, with heat losses or gains according to their location, requiring high energy consumption for interior climate control.

This is why energy efficiency funds and directives are regularly provided for the use of regional governments and national bodies, which also have their own schemes for energy renovation.

KALAM took part from the outset in the early neighborhood Integral Renovation Area schemes in these refurbishment processes to help improve our buildings, enhance user comfort, upgrade and adapt homes, and contribute to the vital goal of reducing energy use.

As Energy Renovators our multidisciplinary team manage the whole process of applying for grants so as to get the utmost benefit from them.

Types of Energy Efficiency Grant

The projects in which we participate are often liable to be subsidized in whole or in part through various grant schemes for energy improvement in buildings, provided by national, regional, or local government.

In the energy efficiency sphere, various types of grant are available:

  • Non-refundable grants for housing associations: subsidies to housing associations for a percentage of the amount of all the expenses involved in the work. The beneficiary is the housing association as a whole.
  • Non-refundable grants for owners: further to the above, these subsidy schemes involve individual grants for homeowners according to their means, provided they are habitually and permanently resident in a dwelling belonging to the building on which work is being done. The sole beneficiary is the owner meeting the relevant requirements.
  • Tax incentives. Tax measures involve benefits for companies or individuals for investing in energy efficiency.

At KALAM we contribute to energy sustainability, advising our clients on the grants best suited to their situation and their project. Our thorough knowledge of the processes and the regulations applicable to the various grant schemes allows us to offer guidance and to efficiently process such grants.

Specialists in Energy Efficiency Renovation

As Energy Renovators we offer and carry out work suited to your needs, supporting you throughout the process.

Now is the time to optimize your energy use, make savings, and upgrade your building’s safety, living comfort, value, and look. Depending on the various schemes, the grants available cover as much as 100% for owners meeting the specified conditions, and special financing is also available to make renovation work possible. We manage the whole process so as to get the utmost benefit from grants, with a free preliminary study and estimate. Contact us.

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