Manuel Iradier. Estado acabado

Experts in energy rehabilitation

For an effective transformation towards a global economy with zero carbon emissions, which will allow us to stop and ultimately mitigate the climate changes that threaten our civilization, it is necessary to absolutely reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and increase energy efficiency. The European Commission, recognizing the importance of the problem in its ambitious European “New Green Deal” strategy, decided to make us the world leader in the circular economy and the first climate-neutral continent.

At KALAM GROUP we have more than 600,000 m2 of envelope improvement. Since we started more than 35 years ago with energy improvement projects such as in Colonia Velazquez, in San Cristobal de Los Angeles, among many other areas of intervention. We are specialists in the installation of Exterior Thermal Insulation Systems (SATE) and we are approved for the installation of ventilated facades. These two systems for building envelopes have proven to be the most effective in reducing the energy consumption of our buildings. Our team evaluates the state of conservation of the support to repair and adapt it before the installation of new technical solutions.

These solutions are being used in buildings in neighborhoods from the 1950s to the 1980s, when state regulations were very lax with respect to the energy coefficients of the envelopes. Buildings such as those of this intervention carried out by our EUSKALAN for two communities of neighbors, at numbers 2 and 4, Ganekogorta street in the Biscayan town of Derio. The objective has been to improve the energy efficiency of the building envelope, for which an Exterior Thermal Insulation System (SATE) has been installed on the exterior facades. Different works have been carried out on the roof, such as the reinforcement of the waterproofing and the thermal insulation of the under-deck using rock wool. To improve water drainage, the existing manger has been replaced by an aluminum gutter and its slope has been modified in one of its areas to solve the runoff. All the facades have been finished with acrylic plaster, which gives a renewed image to both buildings.

In addition, the windowsills have been repaired, insulated, and waterproofed. To achieve the viability of this proposal, the EUSKALAN team managed IDAE grants of 30% as well as direct financing that has allowed the owners to carry out the investment in reduced terms.

The quality of our specialists and the flexibility of these systems also allow us to tackle projects of high technical complexity due to their curved geometry. Such is the case of this intervention carried out in Manuel Iradier Street, in the Biscayan town of Erandio.

After cleaning, repairing and correctly preparing the façade, an Exterior Thermal Insulation System (SATE) solution was installed. The window frames and flashing of the openings were finished with lacquered aluminum and insulation, and the balcony handrails were replaced with new aluminum and glass ones.

On the roof, the old crib is removed and regularized, and the downspouts and gutters are renewed with new lacquered aluminum ones. The execution of all these works shown here is always carried out by our own specialized and approved personnel. In addition, our Comprehensive Management Service covers all the areas necessary for the application and management of the process of processing aid and the implementation of the intervention.

A complete intervention that not only allows energy savings, but also increases the comfort of the homes for its users while updating its exterior. This results in an immediate revaluation of the properties where these measures are applied.