Reconocimiento prevención y seguridad

KALAM recognized for its work in Risk Prevention

KALAM has received in Chile the recognition for “Outstanding Preventive Performance during the period 2022-2023”, which is awarded to companies that have excelled in their preventive management, complying with the occupational health and safety plan established for that period and for the reduction of the additional contribution rate, in the process of evaluation of the effective accident rate, determined by the DS N°67.

An achievement achieved thanks to the transversal support of the entire KALAM team, who from their different functions are involved in the care and attention to risk prevention and are a fundamental pillar for safety in our works.

Our colleague María José Courbis Laciart, Head of the Risk Prevention Department in Chile, received this award on behalf of KALAM, granted by the Chilean Safety Association (ACHS).

The recognition celebrates exceptional performance in the area of risk prevention, reinforcing our commitment to safety as a fundamental pillar in all our operations.

At KALAM, we understand that safety is a shared responsibility and a priority that involves all of us. The award is a reflection of the continuous effort and effectiveness of the policies and procedures for creating a safe work environment for all.

We thank all our employees for their commitment and dedication to achieving this important goal. We will continue to work with the same enthusiasm and rigor to remain leaders in the industry, ensuring the safety and well-being of all those who are part of our great KALAM family.