Church of San Juan Evangelista, Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain

Intervention for the Bishopric of Alcalá de Henares consisting of the restoration of the facades and spire of the tower, recovering elements of its original layout through documentation of 1838, in addition to the eaves, hidden gutter and gargoyles found under the existing covering. In the spire, 80% of the wooden structure was replaced, applying an insecticide protection to the preserved parts, as well as the complete renovation of its slate covering. On the facades, the limestone masonry facings were restored by cleaning with controlled water pressure, staining of the masonry, reintegration of eaves, cornices and imposts, protection with zinc bibs, stitching and gravity injections of lime grout in cracks, toning with silicate patinas and waterproofing of all the above elements. Concrete and cements added in previous interventions are also eliminated.