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Kintone 5, Erandio, Spain

Energy rehabilitation of the building envelope. On the main façade, the existing walls were renovated and consolidated for the subsequent execution of a ceramic ventilated façade. The original gutters are modified, making them in composite, as well as the frames of the openings, slab fronts and eaves, adapting the facade installations. The terraces are rehabilitated with the replacement of railings with others in lacquered aluminum and translucent glass, waterproofing and finishing in porcelain stoneware of the flooring and insulation and installation of false ceilings of aluminum slats in the under-slabs. In the interior facades of the courtyard, SATE is executed in acrylic finish, and on the roof with the insulation in its entirety, waterproofing, waterproofing and roofing material, as well as finishes and singular points.