• Rehabilitación de fachadas con instalación de SATE en Madrid en varios inmuebles de Orcasitas
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Orcasitas Area, Ibarra 9 and Rafaela Ybarra 78, Madrid, Spain

KALAM carries out the rehabilitation of facades and roofs in several buildings in Orcasitas, known for being the first participatory neighborhood in Madrid. Thanks to the “word of mouth”, our team develops these interventions that will contribute to the welfare and savings of the neighbors of this emblematic neighborhood. To accompany them in the process, consultations and aid management, we have set up an office at street level. The conservation and energy rehabilitation works consist of the execution of an Exterior Thermal Insulation System (SATE), the renovation of the exterior carpentry, the insulation of the under-roof spaces and/or the integral renovation of the roofs through the installation of sandwich panels with thermal insulation. Dismantling of prefabricated concrete panels on window sills that did not have insulation or interior chamber, in order to insulate them properly without affecting the interior finishes of the houses, with the complexity of removing 35 tons of panels with the least possible inconvenience.