• Rehabilitación energética con instalación de fachada ventilada en Madrid en la calle Valcarlos 5 (en proceso)
  • Fachada ventilada Valcarlos 02
  • Fachada ventilada Valcarlos 03
  • Fachada ventilada Valcarlos 04
  • Fachada ventilada Valcarlos 05

Valcarlos 5, Madrid, Spain

We intervened in the envelope of this building with the execution of a ventilated facade with a characteristic finish in ceramic pieces, as well as the reframing of openings and aluminum flashing. The work is completed with the adaptation of common spaces in the garden areas, applying a veneer of ceramic tiles similar to that of the envelope in planters and perimeter closing elements that provide uniformity and aesthetic coherence to the whole. The work was carried out in coexistence with the maintenance of the residential use of the building with the minimum impact on the tenants.