App gestión de accesos

App for access management

In line with KALAM’s global strategy of modernisation and operational efficiency, we have started 2024 with the introduction of a new innovation: a mobile application designed to simplify and speed up the process of managing worker access, allowing, among other utilities, a flow of communication and information processing in real time with our preventive resources, managers and site personnel, in addition to the already established safety control procedures, optimising and speeding up times. Translated with (free version)

The application has been developed in a collaboration between our IT and Occupational Risk Prevention departments. It has been a pilot project for the development of a mobile application using exclusively internal resources. Another step forward in our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.

The APP offers a number of key features and functionalities that will transform the way we manage access on our construction sites. These include:

  • Application for access of workers on site.
  • Display of the status of access requests in real time.
  • Instant notifications about the installation of equipment such as switchboards and scaffolding.
  • Automatic renewal of access requests on a monthly basis.
  • Integration of alerts via WhatsApp for agile and efficient communication.

The new tool improves our operational efficiency and reduces the costs associated with access management, with a simple and user-friendly operation.