History of the Skyscraper

Francisco Mújica Díez de Bonilla

Facsimile reproduction of the book History of the Skyscraper (Paris, 1929) by the architect Francisco Mújica in which, through drawings and texts, he connects the skyscrapers of the time with pre-Hispanic heritage. This edition includes a critical study with articles by the architects Ramon Gutiérrez and Daniel Schávelzon and the historians Rodrigo Gutiérrez Viñuales and Fernando Vela Cossio, and an epilogue by the historian María Blanco Conde.

At KALAM, as publishers and contributing authors, drawing on the knowledge of our in-house team – graduates in art history and fine arts and specialist practitioners – and with contributions from prestigious heritage scholars, we regularly produce special publications in order to share subjects of particular interest to heritage stewards, architects, and other professionals in the field, within a belief in the utility of our experience acquired in the restoration of historic and landmark buildings steeped in architectural value and artistry.

For over fifteen years we have been producing editions of books, engravings, and other artwork reproductions, as well, over the past nine years, as the Ibero-American Heritage Collection, whose titles are listed below.

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In May 2019 we held an International Scientific Symposium on Safety in Heritage, after much effort and enthusiasm invested over twelve months of preparation. It allowed us to open up a line of knowledge and discussion in the company of international speakers from highly prestigious institutions and was also a framework for the generation of the Círculo Declaration, named after the Círculo de Bellas Artes cultural center were the event was held. The presentations and articles selected in an open call for papers were compiled, along with other contents such as the Declaration itself, in a nicely produced book of Proceedings.