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Puerta del Sol 9, Madrid, Spain

The work on this building, part of the landscape of Madrid’s Puerta del Sol, includes a complete refurbishment for its reconditioning. Of particular note is the work on the timber structure, where three different types of timber were used: sawn timber for the replacement of straight and running legs, laminated timber for joists and load-bearing beams, and micro-laminated timber for the section increases due to the modification of the loading system. The original interior openings were recovered, the metal structure of the rooms was reinforced and new pillars were incorporated with foundations based on pile caps and micropiles. The brick vaults in the basements were also restored and the thermal envelope was improved by incorporating insulation. The facades with singular protection are restored by replacing the carpentry. The scope of the work included structural intervention and restoration of the interiors of Casa Labra, so the execution of the works was adapted to the needs of this historic restaurant.