Toledo Cathedral, Spain

This work, commissioned by the Ministry of Culture and Sport, involved a holistic restoration of the Baroque building designed by Narciso Tomé over the Gothic apse of the cathedral along with all the adjoining areas affected by its roof. Thus the lead and slate roofing was dismantled and all damaged woodwork was replaced, with major structural carpentry work. The roof was rebuilt with the same materials, parts, and dimensions, and treatments were applied to the ashlar masonry, including the two Gothic pinnacles and the four buttresses adjoining the structure, and renders were restored. Damaged stained-glass windows were cleaned and protectively treated so that they would let light through to the Transparente altarpiece, interior spaces were adapted with new partitions and metal stairs for roof maintenance and conservation, and finally the roofs attached to the building from the top of the main apse to the outer side of the Gothic vaults were weatherproofed.