Rehabilitación de los Salones Altos de la Sacristía y de las o

Rehabilitation of the high halls of the Sacristy and offices of the tabernacle of the Sevi …

After the completion of a prior phase where the foundations of the northern and eastern areas of the Capitular Library of Colombina were reinforced, the Supreme Council of the S.M.P. Cathedral of Seville once again entrusted Kalam with carrying out the restoration of the High Halls of the Sacristy and the offices of the Tabernacle.

In this restoration work, the space is reused to create new multipurpose rooms and offices, gaining about 450 m2 that were previously lost over the brick vaults. A new link was also created which replaces the existing staircase and the elevator was adapted to current accessibility regulations. This work created a structure independent from the existing one. One of the notable points of the work is that it restored the original ability of contemplating the interior of the nave in all its height, since the new staircase liberates the space next to the access façade, allowing visitors to appreciate, from the top floor, both the extracts of the vault and the remains of the Almohade plaster discovered during the work.

This work has been developed in a respectful manner with the existing building elements, such as the vault, the sloping roof with its wood joinery, the Almohade plaster tiles, the 17th century artistic tile base, the brick factory or the stone fronts. At the same time, during the work, a series of hidden findings have come to light, such as an Almohade staircase built entirely of brick and covered by a barrel vault.

All these factors have made it possible to create an exhibition space with magnificent characteristics, capably of housing a collection of religious and symbolic paintings recovered by the Cathedral of Seville and which have been recently inaugurated by members of the Archdiocese.

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