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Rehabilitación de fachadas con SATE en Segovia en San José

San José Area, Segovia, Spain

KALAM intervenes in the San José Area in the city of Segovia. In this group of housing blocks, the envelopes of five buildings were executed in just three months (Capitán Perteguer 1 and 3; Tomasa de la Iglesia 10 and 14; and Vázquez Goldaraz 6).

Fachadas contemporáneas - Embajada de indonesia, Madrid, España 01

Embassy of Indonesia, Madrid, Spain

We restored this unusual facade characterized by its use of galvanized curved steel plates in the former Bioter building and currently the embassy of Indonesia, designed by the architect Miguel Fisac, creator of some remarkable examples of 20th-century architectural heritage. Our work began with washing

Rehabilitación de la fachada del Colegio Mayor César Carlos en Madrid, España

César Carlos College, Madrid, Spain

In the characteristic ceramic cladding of this hall of residence in Madrid's university district, Alejandro de la Sota sought to use a combination of colors to blend the building into its setting. KALAM’s work combined a necessary upgrade with conservation of this representative building of

Restauración de la fachada del Complejo Canalejas en Madrid, España

Canalejas Complex, Madrid, Spain

Restoration of the more than 7,000 m² of facade of the Canalejas Complex, site of Madrid’s Four Seasons Hotel, including its landmark facade at Calle Alcalá 14, an exemplar of 19th-century eclectic monumental architecture on which our team had worked previously. This work involved dry

Restauración de la Catedral de Sevilla en España

Sevilla Cathedral, Spain

After the works carried out in the S.M.P. Iglesia Catedral de Sevilla, the Cabildo once again entrusted KALAM with the consolidation of the façades of the Giralda. Our technical specialists and restorers guarantee that the work is carried out in accordance with the intervention and

Rehabilitación de fachadas con SATE en Getxo en calle Telletxe 1 C - 1 D

Telletxe 1 C – 1 D, Getxo, Spain

The facades of this building, designed by architects Ispizua and Aristegui in 1969, presented generalized deterioration of its walls, missing areas, cracks and other pathologies that caused damage due to corrosion and risk of landslides to the public road. To alleviate these deficiencies, our specialists

Rehabilitación de la fachada de la Sede Social Central Catalana Occidente en San Cugat del Vallès, España

Catalana Occidente Head Office, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Spain

Following our work on its main head office, Catalana Occidente again called upon our team for this new project. The building’s fair-faced concrete facades were showing defects in prefabricated elements due to rebar corrosion. Our work involved cleaning wall surfaces, treating damaged areas, repairing and

Restauración de las fachadas y murallas del costado sur del emblemático Alcázar de Segovia en España

Alcazar of Segovia, Spain

Restoration of the facades and walls of the south side of the iconic Alcázar fortress in Segovia. Designated a historic and artistic monument in 1931, it was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO together with the city of Segovia in 1985. Stonework, masonry, and

Restauración de la Catedral de Toledo en España

Toledo Cathedral, Spain

This work, commissioned by the Ministry of Culture and Sport, involved a holistic restoration of the Baroque building designed by Narciso Tomé over the Gothic apse of the cathedral along with all the adjoining areas affected by its roof. Thus the lead and slate roofing

Restauración de la fachada del Palacio de la Prensa en Madrid, España

Press Palace, Gran Vía 46, Madrid, Spain

Nous sommes intervenus dans ce bâtiment typique de l’architecte Pedro Muguruza situé sur l’emblématique Gran Vía de Madrid. Il s’agit du premier bâtiment à utiliser la brique apparente, formant l’un des points de repère reconnaissables des environs de la Plaza de Callao. Les travaux ont