Full Building and Structural Rehabilitation

Building rehabilitation requires an experienced firm to meet the needs that arise in the various phases of the process. We work with private and public clients in complex projects requiring experience and qualified professionals and involving strict timelines, integration of multidisciplinary teams, special structural refurbishment solutions, soil compaction, and repair of characteristic defects in protected buildings – with skill, rigor, and a commitment to quality.

Since 1987 our in-house teams have been solely devoted to this construction segment: building rehabilitation.

We offer solutions tailored to each project’s needs. We listen to our clients and to their technical teams so as to offer a holistic response, assisting and advising them at every project stage, upholding their interests and seeking a successful outcome.

Experts in Building and Structural Rehabilitation

We refurbish timber, metal, or concrete structures and reinforce foundations as a whole so as to restore the functionality of singular buildings – homes, hotels, institutional headquarters, offices, educational or cultural facilities, etc., taking care of every aspect, including fine interior finishes or work on building envelopes, facades, and roofs, while also conserving traditional trades and techniques in historic buildings.

Structural rehabilitation is vital to conserving a building in an appropriately safe and stable condition. It may be made necessary by damage or deterioration in structural elements, foundations, or soil, or the need may arise within larger projects involving changes of use, modified loads or spaces, etc.

Our Own Staff and Custom Solutions

Our organization comprises highly experienced practitioners in all the processes we cater for. They belong to our various departments and work in a cross-disciplinary way from the technical appraisal phase, in which we offer solutions based on our extensive experience with rigorous, competitive studies, to specialist construction work, involving our own Health & Safety, Project Support, and Finance departments, always aiming to provide unique solutions tailored to each job’s needs.

We do specialist structural rehabilitation jobs involving woodwork, metalwork, concrete, soil reinforcement, foundation repair -with specialist carpenters for refurbishing timber structures, making reinforcements, inlays, substitute pieces, metal fittings-, as well as delicate interior finishes or facade restorations, especially ornate facades and artisanal finishes, with our traditional master craftspeople, plasterers, zinc workers, etc., working alongside heritage restorers and history and fine arts graduates. We provide holistic solutions and added value, with the necessary rigor and control.

Examples of Building and Structural Rehabilitation

Our work has notably included the rehabilitation of buildings for changes of use, remedying of deterioration, or adaptation to requirements. Among other projects, our specialist services have been called upon to work at iconic historic buildings such as Seville Cathedral or the Casa del Labrador at the Palace of Aranjuez, in successive phases, for the reinforcement and repair of soil and foundations. Such work requires the highest standards in the case of unique historic structures, with artworks and heritage assets inside.

Conserving and adapting these buildings with renovations to restore their functionality or their structural stability and to bring them in line with today’s standards, needs, and uses is our vocation, to which we apply our experience and workmanship.

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